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I am Mrs. Lindlar, in German, Frau Lindlar.
Making pictures is my passion.
Often without equipment, only with the eyes.
1986 High school diploma.
as a professional
At that time the world was still analog.

Graduation as best in the guild of the Freiburg Chamber of Crafts.
Change to the ZDF, Germany’s national public television broadcaster.
Traineeship as television camerawoman. Permanent position. Exciting years followed. Big ZDF shows. When Michael Jackson premiered his Earth Song on "Wetten, dass..."(a big saturday night show) I was at one of the cameras.
My daily business at that time?
Hit shows, TV shows, major sporting events, theater productions, newscasts.
I expanded my skills and additionally became an operator for camera cranes.
At the sailing competitions of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, I operated a special helicopter camera and this new type of photo coverage brought ZDF much recognition and praise.
It was a similar story at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. The project was called "European Widescreen. Instead of the usual 4:3 picture format, the volleyball competitions were broadcast in 16:9. The test run for a new visual language that found its permanent place on television many years later.
I expanded my skills and additionally became an operator for camera cranes.

I traded the colorful world of television for a family life when the time was right, and thus changed the rhythm of my life.

Since then, I'm constantly working to develop my photographic style and also look very interested in the creative art of others.

Carmen Lindlar, Frau Lindlar Photography, analoge Fotografie, Fotolabor, Abzüge wässern
Carmen Kamera EXPO 2000 Hannover  Scorpi
Carmen Kamera ZDF Fernsehgarten ungefaeh
Carmen Kamera ZDF Italien on tourWeb sRG
Carmen Kamera ZDFWeb sRGB 90 2000px .jpg
Carmen Lindlar, Wescam Kamerasystem, Olympische Spiele 1992
img012Web sRGB 90 2000px .jpg
Carmen Lindlar Operator Kamera Kran für die3.jpg
Brenda Walker Art, Encaustic Artist Calgary, Canada
Enspanntes Fotografieren
DSC06482Instagram Wasserzeichen weiss heron.jpg
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